1. Providing a Safe Training Environment

Objective: An induction program that ensures every new student is aware of their personal safety obligations and is treating their training partners with the same respect. Eliminating the risk of injury creates consistency at training which enables students to develop a higher skill level in a shorter period of time.

2. Highly Skilled and Successful Students

Objective: For students to attain a high level, I as the head instructor must create a culture in which students want to share information and help each other to improve, in an open learning environment. To do this I must continually evolve my teaching and skill level. This is achieved by training with people that can lift my game to the next level which is why I continually train at one of the premier martial art clubs in Australia, P.U.M.M.A. at Burleigh, on the Gold Coast and also by attending appropriate seminars.

3. Flexible Curriculum that is Always Evolving

Objective: As my personal skill and knowledge levels widen, I find what works for individuals in the K.M.M.A. system and update the grading syllabus on a year to year basis. This formula has been in place since 1995 when K.M.M.A. was established.

4. Individuals Reaching Their Potential and Beyond

Objective: Achieved in two ways: Firstly by acheiving levels through grading using the KMMA syllabus. Secondly during class training by continually monitoring and assessing how the individual is progressing. Also attending private lessons can really help move individuals in the right direction at a faster rate.