Safe Training Practices & Injury Management

WELCOME: Firstly I would like to congratulate you on taking the initiative to join us at KMMA. The following safety principals apply (with small differences), whether you are learning MMA, BJJ, Kickboxing or participating in the conditioning class.

  • KMMA Goal Our goal is to create a safe & friendly training environment for you to constantly train injury free. In an environment where you can expect to feel comfortable with your training partners and that you are being looked after.
  • LISTEN For safe training listen to your instructor for direction at all times
  • QUESTIONS If you are uncertain on what you have been shown and because this a contact sport and for the safety of your training partners and yourself make sure that you clearly understand the directions you have been given – DON’T CONTINUE IF YOU ARE UNCERTAIN.
  • FEED BACK As instructors we always like to hear positive comments. But if there is any dangerous or careless training practices by other training partners and or there is training partners you prefer not to be matched with please, let your instructor know immediately. This matter will be dealt with appropriately (in a professional and confidential manner).
  • HYGIENE As this is a contact sport, it essential that all finger and toe nails are to be kept clean and short .You must attend training clean and tidy at all times (eg manual trade workers etc please shower before training). Anybody arriving dirty will not be allowed to train. If you have a cold, a flu or any contagious aliment, please give training a miss. Required a towel with you at all times.
  • INJURY MANAGEMENT In the case of injury, quick action and the correct treatment and advise can make a difference to recovery time. So if you are injured during training please report the injury immediately to your instructor, so he/she can administer the necessary treatment needed (eg. we have loan ice packs on hand). We then recorded injury & the actions taken in the safety management journal. If at any time you are carrying an injury, prior to starting training or not feeling up to participating (eg. feeling sick) please notify your instructor immediately, that you would like to sit the class out.
  • REHABILITATION KMMA promotes using the R I C E D attention to injury principals. Rest Ice Compression Elevation Doctor (professional advice)
  • BJJ / MMA STUDENTS Make sure you have stretched up well before you start. If you are ever in an uncomfortable position, a joint lock or choke is being applied make sure you TAP OUT (concede) before an injury occurs and always wear the appropriate safety equipment that applies to the training.
  • KICKBOXING STUDENTS Make sure you have stretched up well before starting. If you don’t have to spar if you don’t want to & if you do & the contest is getting heated ask your partner to ease up. If your partner gets a good shot in always acknowledge it. When you spar you can just box if your partner is agreeable. Note: Talk to your instructor about optional ways to spar. Always wear your personal safety equipment at all times eg. 16 oz Gloves mouth & groin guard, shin pads .
  • CONDITIONING STUDENTS make sure you stretch up well before starting and make yourself aware of the correct technique required to undertake the exercises involved in this class (not after) STORED IN TRAINING MANUALS